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5 Edgell Road Framingham, MA 01701

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The ancient Japanese healing art of Usui Reiki relaxes the body, mind and spirit to allow energy healing to proceed for your highest good.  Reiki unblocks areas within your body where energy gets  stuck as the result of daily and environmental stress, anxiety, discomfort, the normal aging processes, depression and disease while providing the benefits of a complementary treatment.  Reiki is an effective tool in your healing toolbox  as balanced energy allows you to heal more quickly and fully.  Call or text 617.470.8630 to start your Reiki journey and peaceful healing today! 

A few great reasons to have a reiki treatment 

Sleep better

Reduce anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder 

Alleviates/reduces pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia, arthritis and other ailments

Speeds up the physical & post surgical healing process

Lower blood pressure 

Improved energy levels, especially during chemo and rehab

Emotional healing

Anytime you need to “reset”

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Incorporated with Reiki Sage  treatments are crystal and stone healing therapies, aromatherapy, relaxing music and sound plus chakra balancing and Mindfulness Meditation 

Services and Products 

Browse our services below

Reiki Treatment

Enjoy an hour of peaceful relaxation with your Reiki Master Teacher while you receive an abundance of healing energy directed towards unblocking and balancing the energy in your body and spirit body to restore physical and emotional well being.


Reiki & Crystals

Combines the benefits of one hour of healing Reiki energy and the subtle healing properties of natural crystals and stones to more fully activate the chakras for more powerful energy alignment and cleansing.


Reiki & Crystals & Sage

This 90 minute cornucopia of healing treatments relaxes, aligns, soothes, activates and opens chakras for optimal effect, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.  


Reiki for Emotional Healing

We can work together to address any specific needs or concerns and customize treatment for greater effect.   Custom work can include physical and emotional healing, past event healing,  PTSD,  post surgical, areas of chronic pain, while under chemo tx.,  etc.

Learn Reiki!

Take a Reiki class and receive your certification!  I will be offering Level I class  for anyone interested in learning and developing their own Reiki skill. 

$190 includes classroom instruction, materials, hands on practice, demonstration and certification.  A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot, class limited to 3 participants.  Level II & III classes are available upon request.

Pet Reiki

Animals instinctively understand Reiki and are naturally open to it and enjoy the hands-on attention.  Call me if your pet can benefit from Reiki to make arrangements as pets are not allowed in treatment areas.

A Few Kind Words

From Lisa and Bruno, Portsmouth, RI

I was a little skeptical at first...I tried Reiki once before and was not impressed. But I thought I would try again because of a pain in my neck and shoulders. Maureen seems to have an ability that immediately relaxes me and a significant amount of my pain just seemed to leave my body. I was truly surprised with how much better I felt afterwards. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing relief from any kind of body pain or problem.

I have an old dachshund, Bruno, who sometimes seems to have pain from aging and thought I would try Reiki for him. As soon as he was on the table, Maureen had him completely relaxed to the point of my thinking he was asleep. Afterwards he was running around with no obvious pain. I'm not sure how she does it but we are so very happy with the results. Bruno recommends her for any pet or human needing help.

From Wendy and Nalla, Ogunquit, ME

I went to visit Maureen to see if she could help alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulder caused by an accident that occurred decades ago.  On occasion this injury rears its ugly head again, producing irritating numbness and tingling down my arm all the way to my wrist and fingers.

She waved her magical hands all over my body and finally stopping exactly at the origin of the pain.  I immediately experienced what felt like electrical current in my neck and down my arm...and the pain was miraculously gone!  While she was there she also discovered the arthritis at the base of my spine and fixed that as well.  When I finally stood up I felt like a new woman!!!  

I would highly recommend a session with her...she was efficient, kind, soothing and very professional.  She even worked on my dog's ACL injury.  Nalla laid perfectly still and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying her session as well!

Reiki Sage

327 Union Ave., Framingham, MA l 617:470.8630

45 New Ocean Street Swampscott, MA  |  617.470.8630

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